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5 Unique Ways I Use Journaling to Get Results and Manifest My Dream Life!

Uncategorized May 22, 2020

Hello, Queens!

How many journals do you have?

I have probably 100+ (okay, this may be an exaggeration but it's A LOT) . It's kind of a joke with my friends because I buy them so often.

I LOVE journals and they are so cute. When I see a journal, I see possibilities and I'm inspired. Blank pages ready to turn into dreams.

At a young age, I think a lot of us start journaling by writing the classic, "Dear Diary...." - I know that's how I started! Just writing about whatever happened that day and sometimes my feelings.

Then I started prayer journaling (I went to a private Christian school, so this was all the rage in middle school and high school). Prayer journaling consisted of switching out the "Dear Diary" to "Dear God" and then telling God your fears, hopes and requests. I journaled this way for a long time until one day I read a book that said to journal out what your perfect week looked like - with as much detail as possible.

While I was writing out my dreams, I felt SO motivated,...

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Let's Talk Manifesting!

manifestation May 15, 2020

Hey Queens!

If you've been following my IG stories over the last couple of weeks, you know by now that I have made May the "Month of Manifesting". 

So in honor of #ManfiestingMay, let's chat about Manifesting!!

Manifesting in the simplest terms is this: Creating your reality. 

A lot of people think manifesting has to be this super "woo-woo" practice. Really, though, it can be as woo-woo (or not) as you'd like it to be. It's all about what you feel works best for you, what you feel comfortable with, what feels fun for you, etc.

Let's get one thing clear about manifesting: we are always - always - manifesting.

There are two types of manifesting, however:

1. Active Manifestation: this is when you are actively aware of what you are creating.

2. Passive Manifestation: this is when you are NOT actively aware/conscious of what you are creating.

The goal is always to be actively manifesting your desired reality.

This consists of becoming aware of:

- Your Patterns, Programming and...

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The Birth of Commission Queen

Uncategorized May 09, 2020

Hello Queens!

For my first blog, I want to tell you a little overview about me and the birth of Commission Queen.

If you don't know me quite yet, my name is Bekkah. I'm so happy and humbled to have you here!

My passions are:

- Creating and living my dream life and inspiring others to do the same

- Traveling the world

- Real Estate

I became a Realtor when I was 21 years old, which considering I wanted to be one since age 10...my parents are surprised I waited that long. Seriously, though. It was my dream to be a Realtor starting at the age of 10.

When I got older, I fell into the whole "going to college to get a job" thing before I could even think about what I really wanted. With Divine intervention, I was clearly told to get my real estate license (another blog on that another day).

Starting in real estate was rough for me. I went into it thinking, "Oh isn't this going to be so dreamy!?"

Turns out - it wasn't so dreamy to start.

I bounced around to 3 different brokerages...

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